Discover Euroverlux

Euroverlux Sp. z o.o belongs to a French Group SAINT-GOBAIN and deals with decoration of glass, mainly for spirits products, but also represents glassworks from VERALLIA group on the Polish market, offering an exclusive line of bottles, called SELECTIVE LINE, recognised on the global scale. Our clients include: Polmos Zyrardow, Polmos Siedlce, WWiS in Torun, Akwawit Wroclaw, and Pernod Ricard.

We also carry out other projects for companies in the cosmetics, household glassware industries, etc. Their value is highly variable and depends on the preferences in the design, lot size, used equipment and materials, etc. Using the technology of screen printing, hot stamping, coating and glazing, we work on the designs of our customers, but we also take an active part in the design and preparation of test batches for the presentation, evaluation and measurement purposes.

Creating a new product or changing an existing image is - according to us - the key to success in a very tough sales market. Therefore, we allow ourselves for the maximum possible involvement wherever we can relieve the customer in the lengthy process of product creation, but also after completion of the design works and signing the contract for delivery. Our service includes taking full responsibility for producing and delivering on time high quality decorated glass.